Fedora 30 Schedule 30 Spins SIG Tasks

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Name Start End Duration
Start Nightly Spins Compose Based on Rawhide Wed 2018-11-07 Wed 2018-11-07 0
Update All Spins Wiki Pages From Previous Releases Wed 2019-01-02 Tue 2019-01-08 6
Custom Spins Submission Deadline Wed 2019-01-30 Wed 2019-01-30 0
Keepalive deadline for spins Wed 2019-01-30 Wed 2019-01-30 0
Build spin-kickstarts package from master Tue 2019-02-26 Mon 2019-03-04 6
Branch spin-kickstarts and build package from new branch Tue 2019-04-16 Tue 2019-04-16 0
Spins kickstart package Freeze Tue 2019-04-16 Tue 2019-04-16 0
Build new spin-kickstarts package for updates (if necessary) Tue 2019-04-30 Tue 2019-04-30 0

In case of any schedule changes requests, report an issue (or ask assigned contact directly) at Fedora Project Schedule

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