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-This file contains know bugs and incompatibilities
- If multiple log lines with the exact same content are received,
- the duplicates are NOT suppressed. This is done by sysklogd
- in all cases. We plan to add this as an optional feature,
- but as of now every line is logged.
- Error reporting on startup is not particular good. We handle all
- errors correctly, but sometimes a message is only reported if
- running in debug mode. If you experience some strange behaviour
- I suggest to run the syslogd interactively with debugging enabled.
- As of August, 2005, the situation has much improved. Keep in mind,
- thought, that debug mode is your friend ;)
- If multiple templates with the SAME name are created, all but the
- first definition is IGNORED. So you can NOT (yet) replace a
- template definition.
- Currently, the template memory is NOT freed when SIGHUP is received.
- This causes a small memory leak on each HUP. Will be fixed soon and
- should not cause real trouble unless you HUP syslogd quite frequently.
-WALLMSG FORMAT (* selector)
- This format is actually not 100% compatible with stock syslogd - the
- date is missing. Will be fixed soon and can also be fixed just via
- the proper template. Anyone up for this? ;)
-CALLS to exit()
- I have removed all calls to exit() I have introduced. However, there are
- still some left from the original code. Most of them are OK, being done
- on initial startup when a severe error happens. There are some, I think,
- that might happen during runtime when a memory shortag is detected. We
- should look into this issues. Finding some smarter code would allow
- rsyslog to become even more fault-tolerant (but obviously, there is always
- a cost, in this case most probably the loss of at least on message).
- Currently, SIGPIPE is ignored. This is necessary to handle broken TCP
- connections. We should further look into this issue and see which other
- ways exist to handle the situation.
- If multiple instances are running on a single machine, the one with
- the -r switch must start first. Also, UDP-based syslog forwarding
- between the instances does not work. Use TCP instead.
- 2005-08-01
-Updates to the bug lists (and potential fixes...) can be found at the
-official home page at
-List as of 2005-03-08
-Rainer Gerhards
+This file has been superseeded by doc/bugs.html. Check there.