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close to 0.9.5 - multiple instances are supported now
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@@ -11,13 +11,8 @@ ERRORS ON STARTUP
errors correctly, but sometimes a message is only reported if
running in debug mode. If you experience some strange behaviour
I suggest to run the syslogd interactively with debugging enabled.
- We have done nothing to support log files larger than 2GB. As such, it
- behaves just like sysklogd in this regard. And, as far as I recall, this
- means that - at least with certain glibc versions - no more than 2GB
- will be written. This will be checked and supported at a later time, for
- now just be careful ;).
+ As of August, 2005, the situation has much improved. Keep in mind,
+ thought, that debug mode is your friend ;)
If multiple templates with the SAME name are created, all but the
@@ -34,12 +29,6 @@ WALLMSG FORMAT (* selector)
date is missing. Will be fixed soon and can also be fixed just via
the proper template. Anyone up for this? ;)
- The MySQL code is activated by defining -DWITH_DB in the CFLAGS.
- Depending on your system, you may need to change some library locations
- and such. Building with MySQL is currently not as straightforward
- as it should be ;)
CALLS to exit()
I have removed all calls to exit() I have introduced. However, there are
still some left from the original code. Most of them are OK, being done
@@ -54,6 +43,12 @@ SIGPIPE HANDLING
connections. We should further look into this issue and see which other
ways exist to handle the situation.
+ If multiple instances are running on a single machine, the one with
+ the -r switch must start first. Also, UDP-based syslog forwarding
+ between the instances does not work. Use TCP instead.
+ 2005-08-01
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