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Chapter 1. Introduction

1.1. Getting Started
OpenStack is a collection of services that can be used to provide Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). In today's lab, we will be setting up some of the OpenStack components on a single machine. This will allow ourselves to get started with using OpenStack and become more familiar with the components.
The specific components of OpenStack that we will be installing are:
A common identity service that provides authentication for other OpenStack services.
A service that acts as a registry for virtual machine images.
A service that manages virtual machines and the storage and networking associated with them.
A web based dashboard for interacting with OpenStack services.
OpenStack includes one other core component which we will not be using today:
Object storage.
The following diagram shows an overview of the services and how they interact:

1.1. Getting Started

Before we continue with the lab, there are some initial packages that must be installed. Run the following command in a terminal:
$ sudo yum install openstack-utils dnsmasq-utils
The openstack-utils package will provide a few important utilities that we will be using in the rest of the instructions.
Used to set configuration parameters on various OpenStack config files.
Used to setup and initializes the database for OpenStack services.
Displays service status information.