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-Fetching data for a debuginfofs server
+== Fetching data for a debuginfofs server ==
1) Edit /etc/debuginfofs.conf (if needed)
2) run debuginfofs-mirror REPO [REPO...]
- Note: if you're on EL5 and you want rawhide/F11 debuginfo you might need
@@ -6,16 +8,40 @@ Fetching data for a debuginfofs server
-Running the debuginfofs server
+== Running the debuginfofs server ==
1) service debuginfofs-server start
-- You might want to edit /usr/share/debuginfofs/dav-debuginfo.conf
+- You might want to edit /usr/share/debuginfofs/dav-debuginfo.conf to change
+ the number of httpd processes to run, if you're going to have a lot of
+ clients.
- If you're running SELinux you'll need to allow httpd to access port 3309.
The package %post script handles this, or you can do it yourself:
/usr/sbin/semanage port -a -S targeted -t http_port_t -p tcp 3309
+- Packages get added to the repos all the time. You should probably run
+ debuginfofs-mirror (with the same arguments as you did the first time)
+ every day or so. Consider putting it into a cron job.
+- Subsequent runs of debuginfofs-mirror will not re-download packages that have
+ already been downloaded - it just updates the mtimes of all the files from
+ that package.
+- Packages also get removed from the repos, but this will *not* cause the
+ debuginfo files to disappear. They'll just start to age.
+- You can use the debuginfofs-cleanup script to remove files that are older
+ than a certain amount of time. For example, 'debuginfofs-cleanup 7d' will
+ remove all the debuginfo files from any package that hasn't been listed in
+ any of your configured repos for a week.
+- Be careful, though - if you're *not* running debuginfofs-mirror regularly,
+ the files will start to age, and then debuginfofs-cleanup might just delete
+ them all.
Some rough stats about disk usage:
-- F10 i386+x86_64 full debuginfo stats:
+- Rawhide for i386 and x86_64:
+ - debuginfo data: 46GB
+- F10 for i386 and x86_64:
- debuginfo data (.debug files): ~100k files, 73GB
- sources: ~2.2m files (!), 38GB
-- F10+Rawhide, i386+x86_64:
- - debuginfo data: ~200k files, 111GB
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== For 1.0 ==
- debuginfofs-mirror:
- - Use 'arches', 'versions', and 'enabled' flags from debuginfo.conf
- Clean up methods (move stuff from main() to the class)
- Fix client initscript to check BUILDID_HOST and/or fail gracefully when
BUILDID_URL is unreachable
== Further work ==
- Cleanups for debuginfofs-mirror:
- make --verbose work properly
- Figure out if we can make yum handle checking for already-cached files
@@ -15,10 +13,13 @@ Server:
- add --cleanup=XXX flag
- XXX is a duration (7d), default in /etc/debuginfofs.conf
- default to "off"?
- - keep index file of what packages are in which repos
- - If a package isn't listed in any repo index and is older than X, rm
+ - keep index files of what packages are in which repos
+ - If a package isn't listed in any repo index and is older than X, rm
+ - this keeps us from deleting "old" files that are needed, but haven't
+ been updated in a while
- make debuginfofs-mirror able to use rsync?
- Avahi announce server to local network
+- Figure out URLs etc. for handling RHEL debuginfo
== Crazy future ideas ==
- Provide source files as well