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* Moar dependencies for testing gsm.HEADmasterFrantišek Dvořák2017-01-191-2/+2
* Improve the docs.František Dvořák2014-12-121-1/+9
* Support for using utility.František Dvořák2014-12-116-10/+47
* More generic support for separating "sections". Initial stubs for support of ...František Dvořák2014-12-116-14/+46
* Comment about theora and encoding - would need to be tested without ogg.František Dvořák2014-07-201-1/+4
* Testing theora.František Dvořák2014-07-203-0/+64
* Update README.František Dvořák2014-07-201-5/+1
* Separate setup of the environment and generating the scrits.František Dvořák2014-07-062-3/+10
* Testing libmad.František Dvořák2014-07-066-1/+181
* MinGW prefixes inside module.František Dvořák2014-07-064-8/+11
* Initial import.František Dvořák2014-07-0214-0/+475