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* Process fragments in alphabetical orderHEADmasterStanislav Ochotnicky2011-06-221-1/+3
* Fix handling of fallback pom destinationsStanislav Ochotnicky2011-06-222-19/+6
* Add /usr/share/maven-poms to pom resolving pathsStanislav Ochotnicky2011-06-101-5/+12
* Direct fragment processing instead of use of generated depmapStanislav Ochotnicky2011-06-101-8/+69
* Improve resolver to resolve poms also from maven 3 pomdirStanislav Ochotnicky2011-06-101-22/+23
* Add support for zip extensionsStanislav Ochotnicky2011-06-101-0/+4
* Use maven.local instead of maven2.jppStanislav Ochotnicky2011-06-101-10/+10
* Formatting cleanups only. Use spacesStanislav Ochotnicky2011-06-102-218/+246
* use maven.jpp prefix instead of maven2.jppStanislav Ochotnicky2011-01-121-14/+25
* Moved packages into org.apache namespaceStanislav Ochotnicky2011-01-122-0/+0
* Use compile-plugin to set required java versionStanislav Ochotnicky2010-11-081-0/+15
* Use DOM model again to solve performance issuesStanislav Ochotnicky2010-11-081-79/+87
* Using XPath now (drop jdom dependency)Stanislav Ochotnicky2010-11-053-59/+92
* Initial commitStanislav Ochotnicky2010-11-023-0/+286