BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
ccnamekrb5: More correct approach to public dir expansionSimo Sorce6 years
dlopen-testtests: Add dlopen test to make sure modules worksSimo Sorce6 years
err_facilityConvert sdap_access to new error codesSimo Sorce7 years
expand_tmplkrb5: Remove ability to create public directoriesSimo Sorce6 years
logindutil: Use systemd-login to check user sessionsSimo Sorce6 years
masterkrb5: Remove unused helper functionsSimo Sorce6 years
my-masterCleanup error message handling for krb5 childSimo Sorce7 years
sasl_ad_compatEnable removing nonexisting dn in sdap_handle_account_infoLukas Slebodnik6 years
secsrvMonitor: Add mode to generate confdb onlySimo Sorce4 years
wipRevert "WIP tevent req for ipa_subdomain"Simo Sorce6 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2013-09-09krb5: Remove unused helper functionsHEADmasterSimo Sorce2-88/+0
2013-09-09krb5_child: Simplify ccache creationSimo Sorce1-387/+87
2013-09-09krb5: Add file/dir path precheckSimo Sorce2-0/+35
2013-09-09krb5: Remove unused functionSimo Sorce2-32/+0
2013-09-09krb5: Remove unused ccache backend infrastructureSimo Sorce7-167/+14
2013-09-09krb5: Unify function to create ccache filesSimo Sorce5-94/+43
2013-09-09krb5: Use new function to validate ccachesSimo Sorce3-371/+88
2013-09-09krb5: Make check_for_valid_tgt() staticSimo Sorce3-76/+74
2013-09-09krb5: move template check to initializzationSimo Sorce4-24/+22
2013-09-09krb5: Move determination of user being activeSimo Sorce3-43/+17