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* Copy Nova's workaround for RHEL6 eventlet issueMark McLoughlin2013-05-081-0/+16
The eventlet on PyPI basically doesn't work on RHEL because we (Red Hat) screwed up by not taking monkey patching into account when backporting an API from python 3. This is the series of events: 1) We backported a patch to RHEL6 from Python 3 which added an optional 'timeout' argument to subprocess.Popen: This might sound innocuous but it means the wait() function get called with a timeout argument 2) eventlet overrides this function, but doesn't know about the timeout argument, so it fails. To reproduce, try applying this to your python 2.7: 3) eventlet doesn't yet support Python 3, so the only time this issue crops up is if you use eventlet on RHEL6 4) We've fixed eventlet in EPEL6, but the issue still remains if you install eventlet from upstream 5) Dave Malcolm sent a pull request to eventlet, but it has stalled: Nova has long had a nasty workaround to patch eventlet in our virtualenv and we now need this workaround in oslo-incubator to test processutils. Let's add it here and make nova sync it from oslo-incubator. I really hope we can get eventlet upstream "fixed" and the fix released soon. When that happens, we can kill all this nastiness. Change-Id: I62ce43a330d7ae94eda4c7498782a655e63747fa