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authorChuck Lever <>2013-03-23 08:05:30 -0400
committerSteve Dickson <>2013-03-25 10:09:10 -0400
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gssd: Use italics for option values and pathnames
Clean up: The usual convention for the values of command line options and for pathnames is for them to appear italicized, rather than emboldened or in double quotes. Acked-by: J. Bruce Fields <> Signed-off-by: Chuck Lever <> Signed-off-by: Steve Dickson <>
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diff --git a/utils/gssd/ b/utils/gssd/
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--- a/utils/gssd/
+++ b/utils/gssd/
@@ -6,7 +6,18 @@
rpc.gssd \- rpcsec_gss daemon
-.B "rpc.gssd [-f] [-n] [-k keytab] [-l] [-p pipefsdir] [-v] [-r] [-d ccachedir]"
+.B rpc.gssd
+.RB [ \-fnlvr ]
+.RB [ \-k
+.IR keytab ]
+.RB [ \-p
+.IR pipefsdir ]
+.RB [ \-d
+.IR ccachedir ]
+.RB [ \-t
+.IR timeout ]
+.RB [ \-R
+.IR realm ]
The rpcsec_gss protocol gives a means of using the gss-api generic security
api to provide security for protocols using rpc (in particular, nfs). Before
@@ -38,13 +49,14 @@ manually like all other users. Use of this option means that
attempting to mount an nfs filesystem requiring Kerberos
-.B -k keytab
+.BI "-k " keytab
.B rpc.gssd
to use the keys found in
.I keytab
to obtain "machine credentials".
-The default value is "/etc/krb5.keytab".
+The default value is
+.I /etc/krb5.keytab.
Previous versions of
.B rpc.gssd
@@ -94,17 +106,17 @@ encryption.
This option is only available with Kerberos libraries that
support setable encryption types.
-.B -p path
+.BI "-p " path
.B rpc.gssd
where to look for the rpc_pipefs filesystem. The default value is
+.IR /var/lib/nfs/rpc_pipefs .
-.B -d directory
+.BI "-d " directory
.B rpc.gssd
where to look for Kerberos credential files. The default value is
+.IR /tmp:/run/user/%U .
This can also be a colon separated list of directories to be searched for
Kerberos credential files. The sequence "%U", if used, is replaced with
the UID of the user for whom credentials are being searched.
@@ -119,14 +131,14 @@ Increases the verbosity of the output (can be specified multiple times).
If the rpcsec_gss library supports setting debug level,
increases the verbosity of the output (can be specified multiple times).
-.B -R realm
+.BI "-R " realm
Kerberos tickets from this
.I realm
will be preferred when scanning available credentials cache files to be
used to create a context. By default, the default realm, as configured
in the Kerberos configuration file, is preferred.
-.B -t timeout
+.BI "-t " timeout
Timeout, in seconds, for kernel gss contexts. This option allows you to force
new kernel contexts to be negotiated after
.I timeout