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nfsdcltrack: add a manpage for nfsdcltrack
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## Process this file with automake to produce
-man8_MANS =
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+.\" Automatically generated by Pod::Man 2.25 (Pod::Simple 3.16)
+.\" Standard preamble:
+.\" ======================================================================== Sp \" Vertical space (when we can't use .PP)
+.if t .sp .5v
+.if n .sp
+.. Vb \" Begin verbatim text
+.ft CW \\$1
+.. Ve \" End verbatim text
+.ft R
+.\" Set up some character translations and predefined strings. \*(-- will
+.\" give an unbreakable dash, \*(PI will give pi, \*(L" will give a left
+.\" double quote, and \*(R" will give a right double quote. \*(C+ will
+.\" give a nicer C++. Capital omega is used to do unbreakable dashes and
+.\" therefore won't be available. \*(C` and \*(C' expand to `' in nroff,
+.\" nothing in troff, for use with C<>. \(*W-
+.ds C+ C\v'-.1v'\h'-1p'\s-2+\h'-1p'+\s0\v'.1v'\h'-1p' n \{\
+. ds -- \(*W-
+. ds PI pi
+. if (\n(.H=4u)&(1m=24u) .ds -- \(*W\h'-12u'\(*W\h'-12u'-\" diablo 10 pitch
+. if (\n(.H=4u)&(1m=20u) .ds -- \(*W\h'-12u'\(*W\h'-8u'-\" diablo 12 pitch
+. ds L" ""
+. ds R" ""
+. ds C` ""
+. ds C' ""
+. ds -- \|\(em\|
+. ds PI \(*p
+. ds L" ``
+. ds R" ''
+.\" Escape single quotes in literal strings from groff's Unicode transform. \n(.g .ds Aq \(aq
+.el .ds Aq '
+.\" If the F register is turned on, we'll generate index entries on stderr for
+.\" titles (.TH), headers (.SH), subsections (.SS), items (.Ip), and index
+.\" entries marked with X<> in POD. Of course, you'll have to process the
+.\" output yourself in some meaningful fashion. \nF \{\
+. de IX
+. tm Index:\\$1\t\\n%\t"\\$2"
+. nr % 0
+. rr F
+.el \{\
+. de IX
+.\" Accent mark definitions (@(#)ms.acc 1.5 88/02/08 SMI; from UCB 4.2).
+.\" Fear. Run. Save yourself. No user-serviceable parts.
+. \" fudge factors for nroff and troff
+.if n \{\
+. ds #H 0
+. ds #V .8m
+. ds #F .3m
+. ds #[ \f1
+. ds #] \fP
+.if t \{\
+. ds #H ((1u-(\\\\n(.fu%2u))*.13m)
+. ds #V .6m
+. ds #F 0
+. ds #[ \&
+. ds #] \&
+. \" simple accents for nroff and troff
+.if n \{\
+. ds ' \&
+. ds ` \&
+. ds ^ \&
+. ds , \&
+. ds ~ ~
+. ds /
+.if t \{\
+. ds ' \\k:\h'-(\\n(.wu*8/10-\*(#H)'\'\h"|\\n:u"
+. ds ` \\k:\h'-(\\n(.wu*8/10-\*(#H)'\`\h'|\\n:u'
+. ds ^ \\k:\h'-(\\n(.wu*10/11-\*(#H)'^\h'|\\n:u'
+. ds , \\k:\h'-(\\n(.wu*8/10)',\h'|\\n:u'
+. ds ~ \\k:\h'-(\\n(.wu-\*(#H-.1m)'~\h'|\\n:u'
+. ds / \\k:\h'-(\\n(.wu*8/10-\*(#H)'\z\(sl\h'|\\n:u'
+. \" troff and (daisy-wheel) nroff accents
+.ds : \\k:\h'-(\\n(.wu*8/10-\*(#H+.1m+\*(#F)'\v'-\*(#V'\z.\h'.2m+\*(#F'.\h'|\\n:u'\v'\*(#V'
+.ds 8 \h'\*(#H'\(*b\h'-\*(#H'
+.ds o \\k:\h'-(\\n(.wu+\w'\(de'u-\*(#H)/2u'\v'-.3n'\*(#[\z\(de\v'.3n'\h'|\\n:u'\*(#]
+.ds d- \h'\*(#H'\(pd\h'-\w'~'u'\v'-.25m'\f2\(hy\fP\v'.25m'\h'-\*(#H'
+.ds D- D\\k:\h'-\w'D'u'\v'-.11m'\z\(hy\v'.11m'\h'|\\n:u'
+.ds th \*(#[\v'.3m'\s+1I\s-1\v'-.3m'\h'-(\w'I'u*2/3)'\s-1o\s+1\*(#]
+.ds Th \*(#[\s+2I\s-2\h'-\w'I'u*3/5'\v'-.3m'o\v'.3m'\*(#]
+.ds ae a\h'-(\w'a'u*4/10)'e
+.ds Ae A\h'-(\w'A'u*4/10)'E
+. \" corrections for vroff
+.if v .ds ~ \\k:\h'-(\\n(.wu*9/10-\*(#H)'\s-2\u~\d\s+2\h'|\\n:u'
+.if v .ds ^ \\k:\h'-(\\n(.wu*10/11-\*(#H)'\v'-.4m'^\v'.4m'\h'|\\n:u'
+. \" for low resolution devices (crt and lpr)
+.if \n(.H>23 .if \n(.V>19 \
+. ds : e
+. ds 8 ss
+. ds o a
+. ds d- d\h'-1'\(ga
+. ds D- D\h'-1'\(hy
+. ds th \o'bp'
+. ds Th \o'LP'
+. ds ae ae
+. ds Ae AE
+.rm #[ #] #H #V #F C
+.\" ========================================================================
+.TH NFSDCLTRACK 8 "2012-10-24" "" ""
+.\" For nroff, turn off justification. Always turn off hyphenation; it makes
+.\" way too many mistakes in technical documents.
+.if n .ad l
+nfsdcltrack \- NFSv4 Client Tracking Callout Program
+.IX Header "SYNOPSIS"
+nfsdcltrack [\-d] [\-f] [\-s stable storage dir] <command> <args...>
+nfsdcltack is the NFSv4 client tracking callout program. It is not necessary
+to install this daemon on machines that are not acting as NFSv4 servers.
+When a network partition is combined with a server reboot, there are
+edge conditions that can cause the server to grant lock reclaims when
+other clients have taken conflicting locks in the interim. A more detailed
+explanation of this issue is described in \s-1RFC\s0 3530, section 8.6.3.
+In order to prevent these problems, the server must track a small amount
+of per-client information on stable storage. This program provides the
+userspace piece of that functionality. When the kernel needs to manipulate
+the database that stores this info, it will execute this program to handle
+.IX Header "OPTIONS"
+.IP "\fB\-d\fR, \fB\-\-debug\fR" 4
+.IX Item "-d, --debug"
+Enable debug level logging.
+.IP "\fB\-f\fR, \fB\-\-foreground\fR" 4
+.IX Item "-f, --foreground"
+Log to stderr instead of syslog.
+.IP "\fB\-s\fR \fIstoragedir\fR, \fB\-\-storagedir\fR=\fIstorage_dir\fR" 4
+.IX Item "-s storagedir, --storagedir=storage_dir"
+Directory where stable storage information should be kept. The default
+value is \fI/var/lib/nfs/nfsdcltrack\fR.
+.IX Header "COMMANDS"
+nfsdcltrack requires a command for each invocation. Supported commands
+.IP "\fBinit\fR" 4
+.IX Item "init"
+Initialize the database. This command requires no argument.
+.IP "\fBcreate\fR" 4
+.IX Item "create"
+Create a new client record (or update the timestamp on an existing one). This command requires a hex-encoded nfs_client_id4 as an argument.
+.IP "\fBremove\fR" 4
+.IX Item "remove"
+Remove a client record from the database. This command requires a hex-encoded nfs_client_id4 as an argument.
+.IP "\fBcheck\fR" 4
+.IX Item "check"
+Check to see if a nfs_client_id4 is allowed to reclaim. This command requires a hex-encoded nfs_client_id4 as an argument.
+.IP "\fBgracedone\fR" 4
+.IX Item "gracedone"
+Remove any unreclaimed client records from the database. This command requires a epoch boot time as an argument.
+The Linux kernel NFSv4 server has historically tracked this information
+on stable storage by manipulating information on the filesystem
+directly, in the directory to which \fI/proc/fs/nfsd/nfsv4recoverydir\fR
+points. If the kernel passes the correct information, then nfsdcltrack
+can use it to allow a seamless transition from the old client tracking
+scheme to the new one.
+On a \fBcheck\fR operation, if there is no record of the client in the
+database, nfsdcltrack will look to see if the \fB\s-1NFSDCLTRACK_LEGACY_RECDIR\s0\fR
+environment variable is set. If it is, then it will fetch that value and
+see if a directory exists by that name. If it does, then the check
+operation will succeed and the directory will be removed.
+On a \fBgracedone\fR operation, nfsdcltrack will look to see if the
+\&\fB\s-1NFSDCLTRACK_LEGACY_TOPDIR\s0\fR environment variable is set. If it is, then
+it will attempt to clean out that directory prior to exiting.
+Note that this transition is one-way. If the machine subsequently reboots
+back into an older kernel that does not support the nfsdcltrack upcall
+then the clients will not be able to recover their state.
+.IX Header "NOTES"
+This program requires a kernel that supports the nfsdcltrack usermodehelper
+upcall. This support was first added to mainline kernels in 3.8.
+.IX Header "AUTHORS"
+nfsdcltrack was developed by Jeff Layton <>.