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* Don't list specs as a submodule any longer; more trouble than it's worthHEADmasterMichel Alexandre Salim2010-06-053-4/+1
* Updated specsMichel Alexandre Salim2010-06-052-1/+1
* Fix .gitmodules to use remote, not local, URL so public_html is cloneableMichel Alexandre Salim2009-03-152-1/+1
* Create a new 'specs' submodule for specs to be reviewedMichel Alexandre Salim2009-01-303-1/+4
* - Fix broken DOCTYPE declarationMichel Alexandre Salim2007-09-232-4/+5
* Borrow Fedora page layout for home pageMichel Salim2007-09-232-0/+52
* Add index pageMichel Salim2007-09-231-0/+11
* Exclude temporary files and the reviews directory (containing archives) from ...Michel Alexandre Salim2007-09-231-0/+2