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* Add plymouth "Charge" theme artHEADmasterRay Strode2009-05-0735-0/+0
* fix art, somehow got reverted to old solar artTom "spot" Callaway2009-04-226-0/+0
* Update kde-splashTom "spot" Callaway2009-04-222-0/+0
* progress filesTom "spot" Callaway2009-04-201-0/+2
* gzipped twice? say what?Tom "spot" Callaway2009-04-201-0/+0
* new bootsplashTom "spot" Callaway2009-04-171-0/+0
* 11.0.0Tom "spot" Callaway2009-04-152-0/+0
* swallow kdesplashTom "spot" Callaway2008-11-061-0/+0
* Having this icon not be a 404 html error is a good thing. :)Tom "spot" Callaway2008-11-061-246/+59
* nuke old kde-splashTom "spot" Callaway2008-10-2410-29/+0
* Get rid of old grub-splash bitsTom "spot" Callaway2008-10-242-0/+0
* new splash (not that most people will see it)Tom "spot" Callaway2008-10-241-0/+0
* New art for F10Tom "spot" Callaway2008-10-2411-0/+0
* Update firstboot workstation (bz 462716)Tom "spot" Callaway2008-09-231-0/+0
* Clean up old Makefile, add READMETom "spot" Callaway2008-09-102-63/+12
* not necessaryTom "spot" Callaway2008-09-101-598/+0
* initial git commitTom "spot" Callaway2008-09-1061-0/+2309