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* Removed virt-ctrl, virt-df, ocaml-libvirt - now in separate repositories.Richard W.M. Jones2008-04-161-138/+0
* Don't need the ': device' typecasts any more.Richard W.M. Jones2008-04-151-1/+1
* Complete rewrite of virt-df:Richard W.M. Jones2008-04-141-63/+101
* Internationalize virt-df program.Richard W.M. Jones2008-03-281-3/+4
* Build libvirt and examples on Windows (MinGW).Richard W.M. Jones2008-01-051-0/+0
* Added GNU GPL/LGPL copyright notices everywhere.Richard W.M. Jones2007-10-171-3/+19
* Removed $Id$ everywhere.Richard W.M. Jones2007-10-171-1/+0
* * Changed version to W.M. Jones2007-09-271-0/+84