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* *** THIS REPO IS JUST FOR VIRT-TOP NOW ***Richard W.M. Jones2008-04-161-28/+0
* Removed virt-ctrl, virt-df, ocaml-libvirt - now in separate repositories.Richard W.M. Jones2008-04-1617-2245/+0
* Should always link to program gettext package.Richard W.M. Jones2008-03-281-5/+2
* Internationalize virt-ctrl.Richard W.M. Jones2008-03-289-71/+101
* Restructure main window code slightly.Richard W.M. Jones2008-03-041-54/+81
* New connection dialog with support for Avahi detection of libvirtd.Richard W.M. Jones2008-03-044-8/+511
* Updated deps.Richard W.M. Jones2008-03-041-0/+4
* Added support for compiled-in icons from a GNOME theme.Richard W.M. Jones2008-03-043-1/+336
* Move connection dialog to its own module. ocaml-dbus >= 0.04.Richard W.M. Jones2008-02-275-17/+63
* Move open_connection dialog.Richard W.M. Jones2008-02-166-43/+44
* Combine historical data, provide accessor functions.Richard W.M. Jones2008-02-167-49/+188
* Store domain %CPU and memory history.Richard W.M. Jones2008-02-161-28/+105
* Clean up memory handling.Richard W.M. Jones2008-02-162-4/+20
* Added a separate file and dependency for DBus.Richard W.M. Jones2008-02-162-8/+36
* Get node_info just once for each connection.Richard W.M. Jones2008-01-082-13/+32
* Type Vc_domain_ops.dops_callback_fn for clarity.Richard W.M. Jones2008-01-084-9/+22
* Change comments virt-manager -> virt-ctrl.Richard W.M. Jones2008-01-089-9/+9
* Rename some dialogs in virt-ctrl.Richard W.M. Jones2008-01-081-2/+2
* Fix native virt-ctrl on Windows.Richard W.M. Jones2008-01-082-2/+87
* mlvirtmanager renamed as virt-ctrl.Richard W.M. Jones2008-01-0711-0/+953