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* Removed virt-ctrl, virt-df, ocaml-libvirt - now in separate repositories.Richard W.M. Jones2008-04-161-822/+0
* Upgrade to released storage API in libvirt CVS.Richard W.M. Jones2008-02-201-2/+3
* Complete implementation of storage API.Richard W.M. Jones2008-01-191-50/+172
* Storage API almost completed, even more autogeneration.Richard W.M. Jones2008-01-191-200/+0
* Autogenerate *Free and *Destroy functions.Richard W.M. Jones2008-01-191-84/+0
* Autogenerate all GetUUID and GetUUIDString functions.Richard W.M. Jones2008-01-191-68/+0
* Further work on storage API and autogenerating bindings.Richard W.M. Jones2008-01-191-56/+0
* More bindings autogenerated, more coverage of storage API.Richard W.M. Jones2008-01-181-64/+0
* Move to autogeneration of many C bindings.Richard W.M. Jones2008-01-181-0/+1171