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Basic framework for NSIS.
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@@ -48,6 +48,10 @@ To build the manpages (optional):
perldoc (part of Perl)
+To build a Windows installer (optional):
+ NSIS (
OCaml packages are available for Fedora 7 and above (ocaml,
ocaml-findlib, ocaml-findlib-devel, ocaml-ocamldoc, ocaml-extlib,
ocaml-extlib-devel, ocaml-lablgtk, ocaml-lablgtk-devel, ocaml-curses,
@@ -88,6 +92,16 @@ I have built libvirt (the bindings), examples, mlvirsh and
mlvirtmanager on Windows using the MinGW port of OCaml. It's quite
likely that it will also work under VC++, but I have not tested this.
+To build the Windows installer, you will need NSIS. Then do:
+ ./configure --with-nsis=/c/Progra~1/NSIS
+ make all opt
+ make wininstaller
+This should build a Windows binary installer called
+ocaml-libvirt-$VERSION.exe which includes the bindings, all required
+DLLs and all programs that can be built under Windows.