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* Remove old patch.HEADmasterPavel Raiskup2013-01-201-1180/+0
* Update to latest upstream versionPavel Raiskup2013-01-205-2/+1147
* Fix Merge-Review problemsPavel Raiskup2013-01-208-15/+22
* Fix also bash-completionPavel Raiskup2013-01-202-2/+2
* Update srpm.Pavel Raiskup2013-01-201-0/+0
* The 'man bugz' command should also workPavel Raiskup2013-01-201-2/+2
* Switch the binary name back to 'bugz'Pavel Raiskup2013-01-204-64/+10
* Better satisfy RHEL/Fedora needsPavel Raiskup2013-01-204-7/+84
* Add also the srpm file.Pavel Raiskup2013-01-201-0/+0
* Backport fix for passwordcmd regressionPavel Raiskup2013-01-201-29/+33
* Mention also ~/.bugzrc filePavel Raiskup2013-01-202-10/+16
* Allow to exist without ~/.bugzrc filePavel Raiskup2013-01-202-10/+15
* Fedora-review fixesPavel Raiskup2013-01-201-5/+6
* Make the Red Hat bugzilla default in FedoraPavel Raiskup2013-01-202-5/+7
* Initial commitPavel Raiskup2013-01-206-0/+1282