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* Update PNG and EPS admonition icons to match Bluecurve/ClearlooksPaul W. Frields2006-09-1210-5/+1875
* Updated callout graphics.Tommy Reynolds2006-04-0245-194/+194
* Perform the `basename` substitution in the Makefile to avoid possiblyTommy Reynolds2006-04-021-1/+1
* Added note about what needs to be changed in the stylesheets if theTommy Reynolds2006-04-011-0/+5
* Switched callout graphics to use the Fedora Logo motif. Also addedTommy Reynolds2006-03-2947-776/+4759
* Some page background candidate images.Tommy Reynolds2006-03-132-0/+13744
* Added FDP-style callout images and a usage example.Tommy Reynolds2005-05-1747-0/+887
* Fedora Project instead of FedoraTammy Fox2003-10-011-1/+1
* add file about license of these imagesTammy Fox2003-10-011-0/+4
* add stylesheet imagesTammy Fox2003-07-1710-0/+5