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* libcrypto fully implementedGeorge McCollister2012-06-261-6/+40
* Fixed setting of debug level in test suiteJan Zeleny2012-06-041-2/+1
* UTIL: Add HMAC-SHA-1 functionJan Cholasta2012-04-241-0/+36
* New DEBUG facility - SSSDBG_UNRESOLVED changed from -1 to 0Pavel Březina2011-08-251-1/+4
* New DEBUG facility - conversionPavel Březina2011-08-251-1/+1
* Require openssl-devel is libcrypto backend is selectedJakub Hrozek2011-04-271-5/+14
* Initialize debug_level to zero in crypto testsStephen Gallagher2010-09-221-1/+1
* Password obfuscation utility functionsJakub Hrozek2010-09-081-0/+139