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* make fedora-cvs only do anonymous chackouts since cvs is read only now.Dennis Gilmore2010-08-231-7/+1
* Fix fedora-cvs when checking out in a dir containing some existing checkoutDennis Gilmore2010-03-231-3/+5
* switch fedora-cvs to use the fedora_cert python moduleDennis Gilmore2010-02-181-32/+2
* make sure that user_cert is defined before refrencing itDennis Gilmore2009-07-301-1/+1
* default cvs checkouts to anonymous when there is no user certDennis Gilmore2009-07-281-1/+5
* Real time updates as you check out from cvsDennis Gilmore2009-03-051-7/+7
* clean up autobitsDennis Gilmore2009-01-281-4/+2
* Add in anonymous capability for aspiring but unsponsored contributors,kylev@kylev-dt.sfo.ironport.com2008-06-101-40/+59
* s/os.exit/sys.exit/Luke Macken2008-05-091-1/+1
* Version 0.3.0Dennis Gilmore2008-03-301-8/+9
* add support to checkout multiple branches at onceDennis Gilmore2008-02-221-5/+12
* fix small typos in spec and comment of fedora-cvsdennis@bratac.ausil.us2007-12-031-1/+1
* attempt to autotoolisedennis@bratac.ausil.us2007-12-031-0/+49