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-* Thu Aug 12 2010 Dennis Gilmore <> -
+* Wed Jan 05 2010 Dennis Gilmore <> -
+- switch away from list2cmdline() Patch from Toshio
+ (dennis)
+- Import subprocess from stdlib when possible (dennis)
+- Logout before watching tasks (jkeating)
+- Add a tool to generate the rpm changelog (jkeating)
+- Handle having no sources file (#656897) (jkeating)
+- Add a dash of error checking to update (#655576) (jkeating)
+- Fix a traceback on expried credentials (#634946) (jkeating)
+- Backport a bugfix from koji upstream to fix 628504 (jkeating)
+- Fix up the commit command (jkeating)
+- print filename of downloaded source (dan)
+- Handle source files with spaces in them. Trac #85 (jkeating)
+- Remove parenthesises on mymodule.nvr (Jochen)
+- Fix error in clone by renaming self.join.join to os.path.join (Jochen)
+- Fix error to call the diff functionen in import_srpm (Jochen)
+- add author and copyright info for fedora-burn-yubikey (dennis)
+- install fedora-burn-yubikey into sbindir (dennis)
+- add fedora-burn-yubikey script used for setting up yubikeys for fedora (dennis)
+- Whitespace fixes (jkeating)
+- Reorder options in fedpkg.bash alphabeticly (Jochen)
+- Fixups in the retire function (jkeating)
+- Implementing a retire command (Jochen)
+- bash completion changes cleanup (jvcelak)
+- Put tag-request in the bash completion file (jkeating)
+- Don't use short options in bash completion (jkeating)
+- Add a tag request function (Xavier Lamien) (jkeating)
+- fedpkg: Don't mix options and commands, drop redundant short options (tmz)
+- Fix up the diff changes from jochen (jkeating)
+- Minor fixes for lint -i changes (jkeating)
+- Remove unused variable (jkeating)
+- Fix up commit with tag changes (jkeating)
+- Include path to clog (jkeating)
+- No short options in commit completion (jkeating)
+- Handle paths with push/pull (jkeating)
+- expand on pull help output (jkeating)
+- Fix up tag commands (jkeating)
+- Fix up some contributed docstrings (jkeating)
+- Don't use the unnecessary getnvr() (jkeating)
+- Only list long options in bash completion for tag (jkeating)
+- Whitespace fix (jkeating)
+- Move diff function out of the PackageModule class (Jochen)
+- Distlinguish between new empty repositories and retiered packages (Jochen)
+- Add -i (info) switch to the lint command (Jochen)
+- Add a -t (tag) switch for the commit command (Jochen)
+- Add a -c (clog) switch to the commit command (Jochen)
+- Move pull and push function out of PackageModule (Jochen)
+- Implementation of a pull command (Jochen)
+- Implenentation of a tag command (Jochen)
+- Remove stream keyword in logging.StreamHandler (Jochen)
+- Don't use log.error from within the library (jkeating)
+- fedpkg: Complete --srpm for the build command (tmz)
+- fedpkg: Use git plumbing to complete branch names (tmz)
+- fedpkg: Remove filenames option from completion (tmz)
+- fedpkg: Use _filedir for path completion (tmz)
+- Fix up the logger for what goes where (jkeating)
+- Make our logger print to stdout (jkeating)
+- Also redirect stderr over to stdout on non-terms (jkeating)
+- Name the process variables right (#632097) (jkeating)
+- Minor whitespace fix (jkeating)
+- Remove errornous dots at the end of the help messages of the commit
+command (jkeating)
+- Fefactoring: Use getuser to determinate fas userid (Jochen)
+- bash-completion < 1.2 compatibility (tmz (jkeating)
+- fedpkg: Try not to add redundant gitignore entries (tmz)
+- fedpkg: better bash completion (jvcelak)
+* Thu Aug 12 2010 Dennis Gilmore <> -
- fix rh bz 619733 619879 619935 620254 620465 620595 620648
- 620653 620750 621148 621808 622291 622716