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* New versionHEADmasterMartin Sivak2013-03-222-2/+5
* Rename the register method to _inject_Martin Sivak2013-03-222-3/+3
* Add COPYING and update spec file according to the reviewMartin Sivak2012-12-143-8/+342
* Change license headersMartin Sivak2012-12-144-41/+60
* Support accessing (class)attributes of the object decorated by @injectMartin Sivak2012-12-064-12/+54
* Fix for two spec file ommisions according to the package review (rhbz#880195)Martin Sivak2012-11-291-0/+4
* Add gitignore fileMartin Sivak2012-11-281-0/+6
* Add wraps call around class decorator in injectMartin Sivak2012-11-281-2/+2
* Remove duplicate tests from core.pyMartin Sivak2012-11-271-89/+0
* SPEC file cleanup and move to nosetestsMartin Sivak2012-11-263-13/+104
* Add PyPI based Source0 to the spec fileMartin Sivak2012-11-261-3/+4
* Add GPL headers and init __all__ variables to make help(di) work againMartin Sivak2012-11-262-0/+46
* Tweaking of the Fedora spec fileMartin Sivak2012-11-231-6/+23
* Add setuptools and Fedora infrastructure structure and filesMartin Sivak2012-11-234-1/+79
* Add known limitations and bugs to READMEMartin Sivak2012-11-211-0/+8
* First commit of python DI frameworkMartin Sivak2012-11-212-0/+236