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+ BIND-9 IDN patch
+ Japan Network Information Center (JPNIC)
+* What is this patch for?
+This patch adds internationalized domain name (IDN) support to BIND-9.
+You'll get internationalized version of dig/host/nslookup commands.
+ + internationalized dig/host/nslookup
+ dig/host/nslookup accepts non-ASCII domain names in the local
+ codeset (such as Shift JIS, Big5 or ISO8859-1) determined by
+ the locale information. The domain names are normalized and
+ converted to the encoding on the DNS protocol, and sent to DNS
+ servers. The replies are converted back to the local codeset
+ and displayed.
+* Compilation & installation
+0. Prerequisite
+You have to build and install idnkit before building this patched version
+of bind-9.
+1. Running configure script
+Run `configure' in the top directory. See `README' for the
+configuration options.
+This patch adds the following 4 options to `configure'. You should
+at least specify `--with-idn' option to enable IDN support.
+ --with-idn[=IDN_PREFIX]
+ To enable IDN support, you have to specify `--with-idn' option.
+ The argument IDN_PREFIX is the install prefix of idnkit. If
+ IDN_PREFIX is omitted, PREFIX (derived from `--prefix=PREFIX')
+ is assumed.
+ --with-libiconv[=LIBICONV_PREFIX]
+ Specify this option if idnkit you have installed links GNU
+ libiconv. The argument LIBICONV_PREFIX is install prefix of
+ GNU libiconv. If the argument is omitted, PREFIX (derived
+ from `--prefix=PREFIX') is assumed.
+ `--with-libiconv' is shorthand option for GNU libiconv.
+ --with-libiconv=/usr/local
+ This is equivalent to:
+ --with-iconv='-L/usr/local/lib -R/usr/local/lib -liconv'
+ `--with-libiconv' assumes that your C compiler has `-R'
+ option, and that the option adds the specified run-time path
+ to an exacutable binary. If `-R' option of your compiler has
+ different meaning, or your compiler lacks the option, you
+ should use `--with-iconv' option instead. Binary command
+ without run-time path information might be unexecutable.
+ In that case, you would see an error message like:
+ error in loading shared libraries: cannot
+ open shared object file
+ If both `--with-libiconv' and `--with-iconv' options are
+ specified, `--with-iconv' is prior to `--with-libiconv'.
+ --with-iconv=ICONV_LIBSPEC
+ If your libc doens't provide iconv(), you need to specify the
+ library containing iconv() with this option. `ICONV_LIBSPEC'
+ is the argument(s) to `cc' or `ld' to link the library, for
+ example, `--with-iconv="-L/usr/local/lib -liconv"'.
+ You don't need to specify the header file directory for "iconv.h"
+ to the compiler, as it isn't included directly by bind-9 with
+ this patch.
+ --with-idnlib=IDN_LIBSPEC
+ With this option, you can explicitly specify the argument(s)
+ to `cc' or `ld' to link the idnkit's library, `libidnkit'. If
+ this option is not specified, `-L${PREFIX}/lib -lidnkit' is
+ assumed, where ${PREFIX} is the installation prefix specified
+ with `--with-idn' option above. You may need to use this
+ option to specify extra argments, for example,
+ `--with-idnlib="-L/usr/local/lib -R/usr/local/lib -lidnkit"'.
+Please consult `README' for other configuration options.
+Note that if you want to specify some extra header file directories,
+you should use the environment variable STD_CINCLUDES instead of
+CFLAGS, as described in README.
+2. Compilation and installation
+After running "configure", just do
+ make
+ make install
+for compiling and installing.
+* Contact information
+Please see http// for the latest news
+about idnkit and this patch.
+Bug reports and comments on this kit should be sent to and, respectively.
+; $Id: README.idnkit,v 1.2 2005/09/09 06:13:57 marka Exp $