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* improved syslog traffic generator GUI a (little) bitRainer Gerhards2009-09-021-13/+29
* now supports sending UDP messages via multiple threadsRainer Gerhards2009-08-312-10/+98
* added a very rough first sketch of a traffic generator guiRainer Gerhards2009-08-283-0/+288
* added forgotten fileRainer Gerhards2009-07-281-0/+138
* some real code to dig into the rsyslog processing...Rainer Gerhards2009-07-287-3/+254
* first shot at mini-receiver and mini-parser java classes (for gui)Rainer Gerhards2009-07-246-3/+277
* simple test for integration with autotoolsRainer Gerhards2009-07-211-0/+7