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need a new one.</p>
<p>Red Hat has recently begun to build RPMs for rsyslog. The URL changes, but a
good place to look for them is at
-<a href="">freshmeat's rsyslog info page</a>.</p>
+<a href="">freshmeat's rsyslog info page</a>.
+Please note that the Red Hat RPMs do currently <b>not</b> include MySQL
+functionality. If you need that, you need to compile from the source tarball
+(which honestly is quite easy).</p>
<p>Give <a href=""></a> a try.</p>
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<h2>rsyslog status page</h2>
-<p>This page reflects the status as of 2007-08-03.</p>
+<p>This page reflects the status as of 2007-08-08.</p>
<h2>Current Releases</h2>
-<p><b>development:</b> 1.18.0 -
-<a href="">change log</a> -
-<a href="">download</a></p>
+<p><b>development:</b> 1.18.1 -
+<a href="">change log</a> -
+<a href="">download</a></p>
<p><b>stable:</b> 1.0.5 - <a href="">change log</a> -
<a href="">download</a></p>
<p>&nbsp;(<a href="version_naming.html">How are versions named?</a>)</p>
@@ -32,6 +32,8 @@ FreeBSD and a quick Test on NetBSD, 0.8.4 only]</li>
<li>The change log can be found at
<a href=""></a>. </li>
+ <li>Online documentation is available at
+ <a href=""></a>.</li>
<li>You may also find <a href="">Rainer's blog</a> an interesting read.</li>
<p>The project was initiated in 2004 by