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authorRainer Gerhards <>2009-05-22 17:06:52 +0200
committerRainer Gerhards <>2009-05-22 17:06:52 +0200
commitaba90e82484118f3568ec51c01de5ba845da589a (patch)
treedee21fce32d09af5ab80ccbad8c51772e7645dd8 /tcps_sess.h
parent2aca3c2d33dd1a19daf44168e90a5f64bd4095b0 (diff)
added capability to run multiple tcp listeners (on different ports)
Well, actually this and a lot of related things. I improved the testbench so that the new capabilities are automatically tested and also did some general cleanup. The current multiple tcp listener solution will probably receive some further cleanup, too, but looks quite OK so far. I also reviewed the way tcpsrv et all work, in preparation of using this code for imdiag. I need to document the findings, especially as the code is rather complicated "thanks" to the combination of plain tcp and gssapi transport modes.
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1 files changed, 9 insertions, 2 deletions
diff --git a/tcps_sess.h b/tcps_sess.h
index 576466f..2ef2826 100644
--- a/tcps_sess.h
+++ b/tcps_sess.h
@@ -31,7 +31,8 @@ struct tcpsrv_s;
/* the tcps_sess object */
typedef struct tcps_sess_s {
BEGINobjInstance; /* Data to implement generic object - MUST be the first data element! */
- struct tcpsrv_s *pSrv; /* pointer back to my server (e.g. for callbacks) */
+ tcpsrv_t *pSrv; /* pointer back to my server (e.g. for callbacks) */
+ tcpLstnPortList_t *pLstnInfo; /* pointer back to listener info */
netstrm_t *pStrm;
int iMsg; /* index of next char to store in msg */
int bAtStrtOfFram; /* are we at the very beginning of a new frame? */
@@ -60,13 +61,19 @@ BEGINinterface(tcps_sess) /* name must also be changed in ENDinterface macro! */
rsRetVal (*DataRcvd)(tcps_sess_t *pThis, char *pData, size_t iLen);
/* set methods */
rsRetVal (*SetTcpsrv)(tcps_sess_t *pThis, struct tcpsrv_s *pSrv);
+ rsRetVal (*SetLstnInfo)(tcps_sess_t *pThis, tcpLstnPortList_t *pLstnInfo);
rsRetVal (*SetUsrP)(tcps_sess_t*, void*);
rsRetVal (*SetHost)(tcps_sess_t *pThis, uchar*);
rsRetVal (*SetHostIP)(tcps_sess_t *pThis, uchar*);
rsRetVal (*SetStrm)(tcps_sess_t *pThis, netstrm_t*);
rsRetVal (*SetMsgIdx)(tcps_sess_t *pThis, int);
-#define tcps_sessCURR_IF_VERSION 1 /* increment whenever you change the interface structure! */
+#define tcps_sessCURR_IF_VERSION 2 /* increment whenever you change the interface structure! */
+/* interface changes
+ * to version v2, rgerhards, 2009-05-22
+ * - Data structures changed
+ * - SetLstnInfo entry point added
+ */
/* prototypes */