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authorRainer Gerhards <>2008-02-21 07:00:29 +0000
committerRainer Gerhards <>2008-02-21 07:00:29 +0000
commit013073f1a6f1ed2230feaba0865d0c14212577d0 (patch)
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changed rsCStrObj name to cstr_t, which is more inline with the rest of
rsyslog (now) and also much easier to type
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diff --git a/parse.h b/parse.h
index f3a064d..483c109 100644
--- a/parse.h
+++ b/parse.h
@@ -56,7 +56,7 @@ struct rsParsObject
#ifndef NDEBUG
rsObjID OID; /**< object ID */
- rsCStrObj *pCStr; /**< pointer to the string object we are parsing */
+ cstr_t *pCStr; /**< pointer to the string object we are parsing */
int iCurrPos; /**< current parsing position (char offset) */
typedef struct rsParsObject rsParsObj;
@@ -71,7 +71,7 @@ int rsParsGetParsePointer(rsParsObj *pThis);
* Construct a rsPars object.
rsRetVal rsParsConstruct(rsParsObj **ppThis);
-rsRetVal rsParsAssignString(rsParsObj *pThis, rsCStrObj *pCStr);
+rsRetVal rsParsAssignString(rsParsObj *pThis, cstr_t *pCStr);
/* parse an integer. The parse pointer is advanced */
rsRetVal parsInt(rsParsObj *pThis, int* pInt);
@@ -91,10 +91,10 @@ rsRetVal parsSkipWhitespace(rsParsObj *pThis);
* Output:
* ppCStr Pointer to the parsed string
-rsRetVal parsDelimCStr(rsParsObj *pThis, rsCStrObj **ppCStr, char cDelim, int bTrimLeading, int bTrimTrailing);
+rsRetVal parsDelimCStr(rsParsObj *pThis, cstr_t **ppCStr, char cDelim, int bTrimLeading, int bTrimTrailing);
rsRetVal parsSkipAfterChar(rsParsObj *pThis, char c);
-rsRetVal parsQuotedCStr(rsParsObj *pThis, rsCStrObj **ppCStr);
+rsRetVal parsQuotedCStr(rsParsObj *pThis, cstr_t **ppCStr);
rsRetVal rsParsConstructFromSz(rsParsObj **ppThis, unsigned char *psz);
rsRetVal rsParsDestruct(rsParsObj *pThis);
int parsIsAtEndOfParseString(rsParsObj *pThis);