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-Version 1.15.1 (RGer), 2007-07-0?
+Version 1.15.1 (RGer), 2007-07-10
- fixed a bug that caused a dynaFile selector to stall when there was
an open error with one file
+- improved template processing for dynaFiles; templates are now only
+ looked up during initialization - speeds up processing
+- optimized memory layout in struct filed when compiled with MySQL
+ support
+- fixed a bug that caused compilation without SYSLOG_INET to fail
+- re-enabled the "last message repeated n times" feature. This
+ feature was not taken care of while rsyslogd evolved from sysklogd
+ and it was more or less defunct. Now it is fully functional again.
+- added system properties: $NOW, $YEAR, $MONTH, $DAY, $HOUR, $MINUTE
+- fixed a bug in iovAsString() that caused a memory leak under stress
+ conditions (most probably memory shortage). This was unlikely to
+ ever happen, but it doesn't hurt doing it right
+- cosmetic: defined type "uchar", change all unsigned chars to uchar
Version 1.15.0 (RGer), 2007-07-05
- added ability to dynamically generate file names based on templates