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changed the way the MySQL API is used
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@@ -8,6 +8,12 @@ Version 1.13.1 (RGer), 2007-02-xx
NETZIP support was enabled
- added the -e option to allow transmission of every message to remote
hosts (effectively turns off duplicate message suppression)
+- (somewhat) improved memory consumption when compiled with MySQL support
+- looks like we fixed an incompatibility with MySQL 5.x and above software
+ At least in one case, the remote server name was destroyed, leading to
+ a connection failure. The new, improved code does not have this issue and
+ so we see this as solved (the new code is generally somewhat better, so
+ there is a good chance we fixed this incompatibility).
Version 1.13.0 (RGer), 2006-12-19
- added '$' as ToPos proptery replacer specifier - means "up to the