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fixed a bug in the property replace which lead to an extra TAB at string
end if field extraction was used.
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@@ -8,6 +8,14 @@ Version 1.12.x (RGer), 2006-xx-xx
- done some modifications to better support Fedora
- made the field delimiter inside property replace configurable via
+- fixed a bug in property replacer: if fields were used, the delimitor
+ became part of the field. Up until now, this was barely noticable as
+ the delimiter as TAB only and thus invisible to a human. With other
+ delimiters available now, it quickly showed up. This bug fix might cause
+ some grief to existing installations if they used the extra TAB for
+ whatever reasons - sorry folks... Anyhow, a solution is easy: just add
+ a TAB character contstant into your template. Thus, there has no attempt
+ been made to do this in a backwards-compatible way.
Version 1.12.2 (RGer), 2006-02-15
- fixed a bug in the RFC 3339 date formatter. An extra space was added