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on the way to implement on-the-wire zip compression (not yet complete)
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@@ -3,6 +3,17 @@ Version 1.12.4 (RGer), 2006-??-??
- added '$' as ToPos proptery replacer specifier - means "up to the
end of the string
- property replacer option "escape-cc", "drop-cc" and "space-cc" added
+- changed the handling of \0 characters inside syslog messages. We now
+ consistently escape them to "#000". This is somewhat recommended in
+ the draft-ietf-syslog-protocol-19 draft. While the real recomendation
+ is to not escape any characters at all, we can not do this without
+ considerable modification of the code. So we escape it to "#000", which
+ is consistent with a sample found in the Internet-draft.
+- removed message glue logic (see printchopped() comment for details)
+ Also caused removal of parts table and thus some improvements in
+ memory usage.
+- changed the default MAXLINE to 2048 to take care of recent syslog
+ standardization efforts (can easily be changed in syslogd.c)
Version 1.12.3 (RGer), 2006-10-04
- implemented some changes to support Solaris (but support is not