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re-wrote syslog.c from scratch to solve a license compatibility issue,
provide some bug fixes and performance enhancemnts. Also required changes to klogd.c to support the new interface.
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+Version 1.13.3 (RGer), 2007-??-??
+- create a version of syslog.c from scratch. This is now
+ - highly optimized for rsyslog
+ - removes an incompatible license problem as the original
+ version had a BSD license with advertising clause
+ - fixed in the regard that rklogd will continue to work when
+ rsysogd has been restarted (the original version, as well
+ as sysklogd, will remain silent then)
+ - solved an issue with an extra NUL char at message end that the
+ original version had
Version 1.13.2 (RGer), 2007-06-13
- lib order in makefile patched to facilitate static linking - thanks
to Bennett Todd for providing the patch