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some minor cleanup (mostly doc) in preparation for 0.9.4
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and such. Building with MySQL is currently not as straightforward
as it should be ;)
+CALLS to exit()
+ I have removed all calls to exit() I have introduced. However, there are
+ still some left from the original code. Most of them are OK, being done
+ on initial startup when a severe error happens. There are some, I think,
+ that might happen during runtime when a memory shortag is detected. We
+ should look into this issues. Finding some smarter code would allow
+ rsyslog to become even more fault-tolerant (but obviously, there is always
+ a cost, in this case most probably the loss of at least on message).
+ Currently, SIGPIPE is ignored. This is necessary to handle broken TCP
+ connections. We should further look into this issue and see which other
+ ways exist to handle the situation.
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