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* extend the script plugin so I can pick up its capabilities to get avail, disc...HEADmasterJohn Mazzitelli2009-10-035-318/+319
* fix name/display nameJohn Mazzitelli2009-10-021-2/+2
* test cleanup of CRLF->LF using git core.autocrlf=inputJohn Mazzitelli2009-10-022-47/+47
* clean up importsJohn Mazzitelli2009-10-022-53/+46
* ignore eclipse generated filesJohn Mazzitelli2009-10-023-27/+31
* fix package declsJohn Mazzitelli2009-10-022-2/+2
* remove the duplicate packageJohn Mazzitelli2009-10-022-0/+0
* add eclipse infrastructure files so eclipse can build it. clean up plugin xmlJohn Mazzitelli2009-10-023-20/+42
* initial skeleton as generated by pluginGenJohn Mazzitelli2009-10-024-1/+376
* initial creationJohn Mazzitelli2009-10-021-0/+1