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* Changed base templates and generator scripts to allow for width and height flagsHEADmasterOin Maple2009-04-252-14/+110
* Fix templatesIan Weller2008-12-143-35/+50
* Fix back templates; logo had wrong colorsIan Weller2008-11-082-93/+75
* Use configuration file to determine templatesIan Weller2008-11-061-0/+11
* Add templates for overnightprints.comIan Weller2008-10-062-0/+228
* Simply and fix template SVGsIan Weller2008-09-302-178/+148
* Do all sorts of fun reorganizationIan Weller2008-09-283-102/+0
* Start modularizingIan Weller2008-09-273-0/+362