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* Test the product/component handlingWill Woods2008-06-101-6/+14
* Fix up selftest a bitWill Woods2008-06-101-52/+65
* fix cookieglob, handle keyboard interrupt, default to beta siteWill Woods2007-09-181-3/+7
* typo fixWill Woods2007-09-131-1/+1
* Add fancy (and probably stupid) multicall interface, implement _updateccWill Woods2007-09-131-2/+7
* add multibug test, minor cleanupsWill Woods2007-09-131-5/+11
* small formatting change for clarityWill Woods2007-09-071-0/+8
* make query() and getbug() return Bugs, adapt selftest.pyWill Woods2007-09-061-19/+21
* fix selftest since we changed the name of the products() methodWill Woods2007-09-061-1/+1
* add a query test to selftest.pyWill Woods2007-09-051-0/+18
* Add GPL header to selftest.pyWill Woods2007-09-041-0/+9
* handle missing cookiesWill Woods2007-09-041-1/+5
* cleanupsWill Woods2007-08-301-2/+3
* move selftest stuff to an external fileWill Woods2007-08-301-0/+37