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diff --git a/bugzilla/ b/bugzilla/
index 18da60a..ad9128e 100644
--- a/bugzilla/
+++ b/bugzilla/
@@ -127,6 +127,10 @@ class BugzillaBase(object):
#---- Methods and properties with basic bugzilla info
+ # XXX FIXME Uh-oh. I think MultiCall support is a RHism.
+ # Even worse, RH's bz3 instance supports the RH methods but *NOT* mc!
+ # 1) move all multicall-calls into RHBugzilla, and
+ # 2) either make MC optional, or prefer Bugzilla3 over RHBugzilla
def _multicall(self):
'''This returns kind of a mash-up of the Bugzilla object and the
xmlrpclib.MultiCall object. Methods you call on this object will be added