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authorWill Woods <>2008-09-10 16:28:56 -0400
committerWill Woods <>2008-09-10 16:28:56 -0400
commitc06c521fe455472f88ee826ae4c16a73581b4ba5 (patch)
parent88b791770a52427e57f2b5b1ee12627c7030f610 (diff)
Comment-only update - remove alias info in createbug(), to discourage use of deprecated field names
1 files changed, 1 insertions, 5 deletions
diff --git a/bugzilla/ b/bugzilla/
index d923280..0a9ab88 100644
--- a/bugzilla/
+++ b/bugzilla/
@@ -593,17 +593,14 @@ class BugzillaBase(object):
Ex: 4.5
See querydata['product'][<product>]['versions'] for values.
summary: One line summary describing the bug report.
- ALIAS: short_desc
platform: Hardware type where this bug was experienced.
Ex: i386
See querydefaults['rep_platform_list'] for accepted values.
- ALIAS: rep_platform
severity: Bug severity.
Ex: medium
See querydefaults['bug_severity_list'] for accepted values.
- ALIAS: bug_severity
priority: Bug priority.
Ex: medium
See querydefaults['priority_list'] for accepted values.
@@ -611,7 +608,6 @@ class BugzillaBase(object):
Ex: Linux
See querydefaults['op_sys_list'] for accepted values.
description: A detailed description of the bug report.
- ALIAS: comment
alias: Give the bug a (string) alias name.
@@ -623,7 +619,6 @@ class BugzillaBase(object):
qa_contact: Bugzilla username of QA contact for this bug.
cc: List of Bugzilla usernames to CC on this bug.
status: Status to place the new bug in. Defaults to NEW.
- ALIAS: bug_status
Important custom fields (used by RH Bugzilla and maybe others):
@@ -636,6 +631,7 @@ class BugzillaBase(object):
# If we're getting a call that uses an old fieldname, convert it to the
# new fieldname instead.
+ # XXX - emit deprecation warnings here
for newfield, oldfield in self.field_aliases:
if newfield in self.createbug_required and newfield not in data \
and oldfield in data: