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-initscripts - Initialization scripts; they are used to initialize the workload
-management system. The script consists of two major components
-Configuration files
-The main configuraiton file /etc/cgconfig.conf. This file has a format
-mount <mountpoint> <list of controllers>
-<controller> <controller configuration file>
-A sample configuration file is included below
-# controller file
-mount /container cpu
-cpu /etc/cgconfig/cpu.conf
-NOTE: Any line beginning with '#' is ignored as comments. The sample
-configuration above, mounts the cpu controller at mount point /container.
-It then parses /etc/cgconfig/cpu.conf as the configuration file for the
-cpu controller.
-The controller configuration file is of the format
-<name of the class> <options>
-In the case of the CPU controller a sample configuration would look
-class1 cpu.shares=1024
-class2 cpu.shares=512
-The configuration below creates two classes class1 and class2 and
-assigns shares of 1024 to class1 and 512 to class1.
-The other options that can be specified are
-tuid = owner of the tasks file
-tgid = group permissions of the tasks file
-cuid = owner of the newly created node
-cgid = group permissions of the newly created node
-class1 cpu.shares = 1024 tuid=root tgid=root cuid=database cgid=database.
-By default all these files are owned by root. The flexibilty of specifying
-owners makes it easier for other applications to use resource management.
-Intialization script
-The initialization script is installed in /etc/init.d, it is called
-"cgconfig". Depending on the run-level, it is installed in the appropriate
-/etc/rc.d/rc<N>.d. The script comes with two options
-a. start
-start, starts the workload management, parses the configuration file.
-If required creates the mount point directory and then mounts the
-cgroup filesystem with the controllers specified.
-b. stop
-stops workload management, moves all tasks from various groups to
-the root class. It then removes all other classes and then unmounts
-the workload management system.
-1. The kernel is compiled in with the correct options to support
- cgroups and the CPU controller.
-2. This version has been tested with 2.6.25 only.