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* Fix RPM builds on older versions of rpmbuildStephen Gallagher2009-10-201-3/+4
* Start implementing ipa specific options.Simo Sorce2009-10-201-0/+1
* Clean up rpmlint errors and warnings in sssd-client packageStephen Gallagher2009-10-201-0/+4
* Better detect installed language filesStephen Gallagher2009-10-201-4/+9
* Use Python 3-compatible sitearch and sitelibStephen Gallagher2009-10-201-2/+2
* add missing %defattr to the filelist of the client packageSumit Bose2009-10-141-0/+1
* Package SSSDConfig APIStephen Gallagher2009-10-131-0/+9
* Change requirement on libldb to libldb >= 0.9.3Stephen Gallagher2009-09-301-1/+1
* Tighten up permission.Simo Sorce2009-09-281-1/+1
* Convert the example config to v2 format, upgrade config on update onlyJakub Hrozek2009-09-251-2/+4
* Send debug messages to logfileJakub Hrozek2009-09-251-0/+1
* Split out an sssd-clients packageSimo Sorce2009-09-251-6/+27
* script to upgrade config to v2Jakub Hrozek2009-09-251-0/+6
* added support for older MIT kerberos versionssbose2009-09-241-2/+7
* Provide python bindings for sysdbJakub Hrozek2009-09-211-1/+6
* Add PRERELEASE_VERSION variable for use in sssd.spec.inStephen Gallagher2009-09-151-1/+1
* Move RPM specfiles into contrib/Stephen Gallagher2009-09-021-0/+171