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* Allow rerunning autoreconf from the tarballStephen Gallagher2009-09-151-0/+1
* Include m4 directories in tarballStephen Gallagher2009-09-151-0/+1
* Add 'make tests' targetStephen Gallagher2009-09-111-0/+6
* Move RPM specfiles into contrib/Stephen Gallagher2009-09-021-5/+11
* Fix usage of $(builddir) in SSSDStephen Gallagher2009-08-201-0/+3
* Add 'make srpms' targetStephen Gallagher2009-07-211-0/+5
* Fix RPM generation issues with sssdStephen Gallagher2009-05-191-5/+1
* Convert top-level of SSSD to automake.Stephen Gallagher2009-05-191-0/+24