BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
adlookupWIPJakub Hrozek8 years
dpstrDP: Reduce code duplicationJakub Hrozek7 years
f23IPA: Always re-fetch the keytab from the IPA serverJakub Hrozek8 years
intg_testtests: Add an integration test for POSIX detectionJakub Hrozek7 years
misctools: Don't shadow 'exit'Jakub Hrozek7 years
onewayIPA: Reuse ipa_subdomains_retrieve_send for re-setting up a trusted domainJakub Hrozek8 years
pwrapWIP: pam_wrapper testsJakub Hrozek7 years
srvbackportSYSDB: Skip malformed netgroup attribute.Lukas Slebodnik7 years
sysdbfoo2Jakub Hrozek7 years
testsWIP: Test for sdap_async.cJakub Hrozek7 years
sssd-1.13.0-7.el7sssd-1.13.0-7.el7.tar.gz  sssd-1.13.0-7.el7.tar.xz  Pavel Březina8 years
sssd-1_13_0sssd-1_13_0.tar.gz  sssd-1_13_0.tar.xz  Jakub Hrozek8 years
sssd-1_13_0_alphasssd-1_13_0_alpha.tar.gz  sssd-1_13_0_alpha.tar.xz  Jakub Hrozek8 years
sssd-1_12_90sssd-1_12_90.tar.gz  sssd-1_12_90.tar.xz  Jakub Hrozek8 years
sssd-1_12_5sssd-1_12_5.tar.gz  sssd-1_12_5.tar.xz  Jakub Hrozek8 years
sssd-1_12_4sssd-1_12_4.tar.gz  sssd-1_12_4.tar.xz  Jakub Hrozek8 years
sssd-1_12_3sssd-1_12_3.tar.gz  sssd-1_12_3.tar.xz  Jakub Hrozek8 years
sssd-1_9_7sssd-1_9_7.tar.gz  sssd-1_9_7.tar.xz  Jakub Hrozek8 years
sssd-1_12_2sssd-1_12_2.tar.gz  sssd-1_12_2.tar.xz  Jakub Hrozek8 years
sssd-1_11_7sssd-1_11_7.tar.gz  sssd-1_11_7.tar.xz  Jakub Hrozek9 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2013-08-08IPA: Do not download or store the member attribute of host groupssssd-1.9.2-98.el6Jakub Hrozek2-2/+0
2013-08-08NSS: Clear cached netgroups if a request comes in from the sss_cachesssd-1.9.2-97.el6Lukas Slebodnik4-0/+55
2013-08-08NSS: allow removing entries from netgroup hash tableLukas Slebodnik3-1/+32
2013-08-08sudo: print better debug message when a rule has multiple cn valuessssd-1.9.2-96.el6Pavel Březina1-1/+5
2013-08-08sudo: skip rule on error instead of failing completelyPavel Březina1-1/+3
2013-07-25MAN: Clarify that saving users after enumerating large domain might be CPU in...sssd-1.9.2-95Jakub Hrozek1-1/+9
2013-07-25Allocate PAM DP request data on responder context1.9.2-92Jakub Hrozek3-5/+54
2013-05-30autofs: fix invalid header 'number of entries' in packet1.9.2-91Pavel Březina1-1/+5
2013-05-30Only try to relink ghost users if we're not enumerating1.9.2-90Jakub Hrozek2-4/+16
2013-05-30LDAP: do not invalidate pointer with realloc while processing ghost users1.9.2-89Jakub Hrozek1-3/+13