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* Add httpd module. Can return information from mod_status and do graceful ser...HEADhttpdJohn Eckersberg2009-02-201-0/+67
* add a sys.excepthook handler that logs to the func log fileAdrian Likins2009-02-121-0/+16
* Added author, version and api_version docstrings.Jasper Capel2009-02-032-4/+12
* Added pydoc formatted documentation strings for bridge module.Jasper Capel2009-02-031-28/+128
* Forgot to add pydoc description to vlan module.Jasper Capel2009-02-031-0/+4
* Added pydoc formatted documentation strings for vlan module.Jasper Capel2009-02-031-14/+66
* fixed typo in vlan moduleJasper Capel2009-02-021-1/+1
* vlan module: have it use a config file for some configurable parameters inste...Jasper Capel2009-02-021-20/+23
* bridge module: some values weren't read from config yet, fixed.Jasper Capel2009-02-021-11/+11
* bridge module: imported the required modules for the configfile stuffJasper Capel2009-02-021-10/+7
* Changed the bridge module so it will use a config file.Jasper Capel2009-02-021-16/+18
* Set bridge forwarding delay to '0', so it will actually work.Jasper Capel2009-02-021-1/+3
* Merge branch 'no_poundbang'Adrian Likins2009-01-198-11/+2
| * remove any unneeded "/usr/bin/python" lines from scripts so it'sAdrian Likins2009-01-199-11/+2
| * remove 'x' bitAdrian Likins2009-01-191-0/+0
* | Just some permissions clean up on source files, mostlyAdrian Likins2009-01-1919-0/+0
* move rpm/yum initiation to after module import to workaround rpm bugAdrian Likins2009-01-082-2/+4
* add new test methods used by unittests. return an empty exceptionAdrian Likins2008-12-111-0/+9
* * Added close_fds=True to sub_process calls.Silas Sewell2008-11-2512-18/+23
* * Enabled shell for Command module.Silas Sewell2008-11-251-9/+3
* remove unused imports and reorder remaining onesAdrian Likins2008-11-131-4/+1
* add support for untrack lists of files (or file globs)Adrian Likins2008-11-131-2/+3
* typo found for file_name_globs by pycheckerAdrian Likins2008-11-131-1/+1
* more func.utils/certmaster.utils changes.Adrian Likins2008-11-131-3/+3
* more func.utils/certmaster.utils changes.Adrian Likins2008-11-131-2/+2
* had a couple of cases of using the wrong "utils" module.Adrian Likins2008-11-131-7/+8
* Make ping subcommand use the default verbose setting if not specified.Adrian Likins2008-11-121-0/+1
* Split Show() and ShowHardware() classes into two seperate modules.Adrian Likins2008-11-122-42/+67
* Add support for configuring funcd ports.Adrian Likins2008-11-123-8/+31
* For some reason, Client is getting init'ed with async=NoneAdrian Likins2008-11-111-3/+6
* typo in the method args description in filetracker moduleAdrian Likins2008-11-111-2/+2
* add some tests cases for copyfileAdrian Likins2008-11-101-0/+1
* add module from Louis CoilliotLouis Coilliot2008-11-041-0/+60
* Fix a bug with "func-transmit --yaml" send bools as strings and causingAdrian Likins2008-10-311-1/+14
* Fix minion module config examples. Add local "Config" class to module.Adrian Likins2008-10-241-1/+11
* add some test cases for per module configuation.Adrian Likins2008-10-242-1/+9
* Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Likins2008-10-211-2/+7
| * Add listen_addr and listen_port to config so theAdrian Likins2008-10-201-2/+7
* | add system.inventory() method that returns a list of all modulesAdrian Likins2008-10-201-2/+23
* | Add some support for saving module config files. And corresponding test cases.Adrian Likins2008-10-202-2/+19
* add support for filename globsAdrian Likins2008-10-151-6/+26
* Merge branch 'jcapel-vlan'Adrian Likins2008-10-081-9/+118
| * Fixed some string/integer mixups, we'll now only use strings for vlan ids. Al...Jasper Capel2008-10-061-7/+27
| * Renamed makeitso method to make_it_so.Jasper Capel2008-10-061-1/+1
| * Added write() and list_permanent() methods to VLAN module. Also upped the mod...Jasper Capel2008-09-301-3/+53
| * Added add_permanent and delete_permanent methods to vlan module.Jasper Capel2008-09-301-0/+39
* | Merge branch 'jcapel-bridge'Adrian Likins2008-10-081-8/+292
|\ \
| * | Added make_it_so and write methodsJasper Capel2008-10-061-6/+118
| * | Added methods to permanently add/remove bridges or permanently add/remove int...Jasper Capel2008-10-061-3/+175
| |/
* | Django cotnrol module from Steve 'Ashcrow' Milner <>Steve 'Ashcrow' Milner2008-10-081-0/+128