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* /s/June/Jun (incorrect changelog entry)Adrian Likins2008-06-301-1/+1
* fix fedora bug #441283 - typo in postinstall scriptletAdrian Likins2008-06-301-1/+5
* Bump version for release, clean up wrong versions in changelog.Michael DeHaan2008-06-301-4/+8
* apply triggers patch from Steve Salevan <>Adrian Likins2008-04-221-0/+9
* certmaster logging cleanupsAdrian Likins2008-03-171-1/+1
* remove unused certmaster/minion/ and certmaster/overlord/ dirsAdrian Likins2008-03-171-4/+3
* remove references to certmasterdAdrian Likins2008-02-251-6/+3
* some certmaster fixes, mostly path stuffAdrian Likins2008-02-251-1/+0
* Add missing fileMichael DeHaan2008-02-131-0/+115