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-.TH "rancid_intro" "1" "23 November 2006"
+.TH "rancid_intro" "1" "24 January 2007"
rancid_intro \- introduction to the Really Awesome New Cisco confIg Differ
.B rancid
is really more than just a Cisco configuration differ. It handles several
-different device's configurations; currently including Alteon, Bay Networks
-(Nortel), Cisco, Cisco AGM, Extreme, Force10, Foundry, HP Procurve switches,
-Juniper Routers and edge (ERX) routers, Redback, MRTd daemon, Lucent TNT,
-Netscalar load balancers, Netscreen firewalls, Zebra routing software, and
-the ADC-Kentrox EZ-T3 mux.
+different device's configurations; currently including
+Bay Networks (Nortel),
+F5 BigIP,
+HP Procurve switches,
+Juniper Routers and edge (ERX) routers,
+Lucent TNT,
+MRTd daemon,
+Netscalar load balancers,
+Netscreen firewalls,
+SMC switches,
+Zebra routing software,
+and the ADC-Kentrox EZ-T3 mux.
.B rancid
uses an expect script to login to each of a list of devices and run a set of