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+.hys 50
+.TH "lg.conf" "5" "22 Jan 2001"
+lg.conf \- looking glass configuration file
+.B lg.conf
+contains configuration for the looking glass scripts.
+The syntax is that of
+.IR perl (1).
+It is used to set variables to affect run-time behavior or to locate resources.
+The following variables are used (alphabetically):
+.Bl -tag -width flag
+*** not implemented.
+Sets the location of the cache directory. The looking glass uses this
+to hold lock files, log files, and output from cached commands.
+Default: ./tmp
+Note that the default is relative to the directory where
+.IR lg.cgi
+runs in the server's document root (eg: /usr/local/www/data/lg/tmp).
+Sets the number of seconds that the looking glass should cache output from
+commands that tend to produce a lot of output, such as 'show ip bgp
+Default: 600
+Defines the
+.BR cloginrc (5)
+that the looking glass should use. The path may be relative to the directory
+where the CGI scripts run in the server's document root.
+Default: @prefix@/.cloginrc
+Note that the .cloginrc must be readable by the user or group that will be
+running the CGI and that
+.BR clogin (1)
+will not allow a world readable
+.IR .cloginrc .
+The user is normally that of the http server (httpd).
+Defines a html image tag (<img>) which, if defined, will be included at
+the top of the looking glass pages. It may contain any html as it is
+simply handed off to print().
+Example: $LG_IMAGE="<img src=/icons/rancid.gif hspace=0>\n <font size=+2>FOO</font>";
+Defines the fully qualified path name for the log file or the
+.BR syslog (3)
+facility to use for logging. For syslog, the argument is the lowercase name
+of a syslog facility (see syslog.h) without the 'LOG_' prefix.
+Example: local0
+Default: $LG_CACHE_DIR/lg.log
+Sets the location for the
+.IR router.db
+file in rancid's
+.BR router.db (5)
+format. It lists the devices that should be available to the looking glass
+users. Only those devices of supported types and with status 'up' are made
+available. If not defined and the default file does not exist, the looking
+glass will compile a list from the router.db files of all the groups present
+in rancid, that is a concatenation of $BASEDIR/*/router.db.
+Default: @prefix@/util/lg/router.db
+Note that if the concatenation method is used, it may be necessary to alter
+the mode of the router.db files in the rancid group directories, since the
+default umask is 027 (see
+.BR env (5)).
+*** not implemented.
+Is a colon separate list of directory pathnames in the the file system
+where rancid's login scripts,
+.IR clogin (1)
+etc. )
+and programs needed within these, such as
+.IR telnet (1),
+are located.
+Its value is set by configure. Should it be necessary to modify PATH,
+note that it must include $BASEDIR/bin (see above).
+.B lg.conf
+is interpreted directly by
+.IR perl (1),
+so its syntax follows that of perl. Errors may produce quite unexpected
+.Bl -tag -width .BASEDIR/bin/ENV -compact
+.B $BASEDIR/util/lg/lg.conf
+Configuration file described here, where $BASEDIR is set at the time that
+the rancid package was configured. In this case, $BASEDIR is
+.IR @prefix@ .
+.BR cloginrc (5),
+.BR lg_intro (1)