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.hys 50
-.TH "clogin" "1" "23 November 2006"
+.TH "clogin" "1" "7 February 2008"
clogin \- Cisco/Foundry login script
.B clogin
.BI \-c\
@@ -55,11 +55,11 @@ catalyst switch, Extreme switch, Juniper ERX/E-series, Procket Networks,
or Redback router.
There are complementary scripts for
-ADC-kentrox EZ-T3 mux,
+Avocent (Cyclades),
Bay Networks (nortel),
-Cisco AGM,
+ADC-kentrox EZ-T3 mux,
-HP Procurve Switches,
+HP Procurve Switches and Cisco AGMs,
Hitachi Routers,
Juniper Networks,
Netscreen firewalls,
@@ -68,6 +68,7 @@ Riverstone,
and Lucent TNT,
.B alogin,
+.B avologin,
.B blogin,
.B elogin,
.B flogin,
@@ -84,7 +85,7 @@ respectively.
.B clogin
reads the
.IR .cloginrc
-file for its configuration, then connects and logins into each of the
+file for its configuration, then connects and logs into each of the
routers specified on the command line in the order listed. Command-line
options exist to override some of the directives found in the
.IR .cloginrc
@@ -94,6 +95,7 @@ The command-line options are as follows:
.B \-V
Prints package name and version strings.
.B \-c
Command to be run on each router list on the command-line. Multiple
@@ -101,6 +103,10 @@ commands maybe listed by separating them with semi-colons (;). The argument
should be quoted to avoid shell expansion.
+.B \-d
+Enable expect debugging.
.B \-E
Specifies a variable to pass through to scripts (\-s). For example, the
command-line option \-Efoo=bar will produce a global variable by the name
@@ -196,6 +202,12 @@ Specifies the encryption algorithm for use with the
.BR ssh (1)
man page for details. The default is 3des.
+If the login script fails for any of the devices on the command-line, the
+exit value of the script will be non-zero and the value will be the number
+of failures.
.B clogin
recognizes the following environment variables.