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README This file.
README.lg Information about the Looking Glass.
+BUGS Bug list.
CHANGES List of changes to Rancid.
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
Todo Partial list of what needs to be done.
+UPGRADING Notes on upgrading rancid to a new version.
cloginrc.sample TCL commands to set passwords, usernames etc. used by clogin
and jlogin. See cloginrc(5)
@@ -43,12 +45,15 @@ bin/ Chooses between rancid/[abefhjrx]rancid/cat5rancid. Runs commands on cisco routers and processes the output.
+ Version of for Cisco Anomaly Guard Module (AGM) Version of for Alteon switches. Version of for baynet/nortel routers. Version of for Cisco Catalyst switches. Version of for Cisco CSS switches. Version of for ADC EZ-T3 muxes. Version of for Force10 routers.
+ Version of for F5 BigIPs.
+ Version of for Fortinet Firewalls. Version of for Foundry switches. Version of for HP Procurve switches. Version of for Hitatchi routers.
@@ -60,6 +65,7 @@ bin/ Version of for Procket routers. Version of for Riverstone routers. Version of for Redback routers.
+ Version of for SMC switches. Version of for TNT access servers. Version of for Extreme switches. Version of for Zebra routers.
@@ -78,15 +84,22 @@ bin/ Version of for TNT access servers.
man/ man pages
share/ Readmes, samples, utilities, contribs, etc
+include/ Include files and rancid version.h
Also see rancid_intro(1), rancid(1), and clogin(1).
The following (non-exhaustive list) are included as part of the installation
and configuration tools: processed by configure to produce Makefiles processed by automake to produce processed by configure to produce Makefile
+acinclude.m4 sets some GNU autoconf options
+aclocal.m4 Output of GNU autoconf script
configure GNU autoconf script Input file for autoconf to procide configure
+depcomp part of GNU autoconf
install-sh GNU autoconf shell script to simulate BSD style install
+missing part of GNU autoconf
mkinstalldirs GNU autoconf shell script to make installation directories
rancid will also need to have the following packages: