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@@ -129,17 +129,25 @@ A. CVS does not provide a way (AFAIK) to rename files or to rename or delete
like this (disclaimer: BE VERY CAREFUL mucking around with the repository):
% su - rancid_user
- % echo "new_device_name:device_type:up" >> GROUP/router.db
- % cp -p CVS/GROUP/configs/old_device_name,v \
- CVS/GROUP/configs/new_device_name,v
+ % echo "new_device_name:device_type:up" >> <GROUP>/router.db
+ % cp -p CVS/<GROUP>/configs/old_device_name,v \
+ CVS/<GROUP>/configs/new_device_name,v
+ % cd <GROUP>/configs
+ % cvs update
where GROUP is the name of the rancid group that the device is a member of.
- Rancid will pick-up the new file with a CVS update the next time it runs.
Once the renaming is complete, remove the old name from the router.db file
and leave the CVS clean-up of the old filename to rancid.
If one wanted to move a device to a different group and maintain the
- history, the same procedure would work. Substituting the new group name
- appropriately.
+ history, the same procedure would work, substituting the new group name
+ appropriately, of course.
+ SVN provides a rename function; but we suggest that you use it's
+ copy function instead, and leave the clean-up of the old name
+ to rancid. So, you would use the copy function (proper
+ substitutions, of course) in place of the cp in the CVS example,
+ then commit the new file.
Q. I am removing a group and would like to remove all traces of it from the